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Bring your campus the benefits of wireless

A wireless campus is the best solution for giving students and teachers access to the resources they need. Keep your students connected while taking advantage of the latest classroom management tools with a wireless solution from Zebra Technologies as implemented by the RedLine Solutions team.

Administrators – Deploy a future-proof network capable of meeting today's and tomorrow's demands, while staying within tight budgetary and personnel restrictions and ensuring compliance with CIPA and other policy mandates.

Download your complimentary copy of subject white papers on this subject for Admin staff here.

IT Managers – When you're asked to do more with less, Zebra's wireless campus solution gives you the tools you need to provision and manage a high performance, high capacity solution built for dense user environments, ensuring reliable and secure connections, all with simple centralized management, be it one school or hundreds. The solutions provide the foundation to grow as your needs grow, enabling future innovation.

Download your complimentary copy of subject white papers on this subject for IT staff here.

The flexibility of the campus Wireless LAN enables seamless mobility of all users, allowing all mobile devices to connect to the schools resources and Internet securely. Download our free white paper today to learn about how a RedLine Solutions installation, using Zebra technology, can transform your school campus into a wireless educational environment.


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