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Honeywell/LXE Cold Storage

RedLine Solutions knows that cold storage facilities create unique challenges for data collection equipment and wireless networks. Moving in and out of the cold all day creates condensation, causing computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up, and internal parts to corrode. You need a device built to combat these problems, without separate heated boots or annual desiccant pack changes that can take a unit out of commission. Honeywell/LXE, a manufacturer of rugged mobile terminals, offers several mobile terminals for cold storage environments which include heated screens, thermostat controlled heaters, coated internal components, specialized batteries and more.

Traceability in the Supply Chain

Food traceability is one of the most important issues facing the supply chain. Download the Honeywell/LXE whitepaper to learn about best practices in traceability, and how leading companies are using automation like Honeywell/LXE rugged handheld computers - not only to stay compliant with ever-changing regulation, but to enhance their bottom line.

Click here to download the RedLine Solutions press release announcing the support of Honeywell/LXE Mobile terminals with its Produce Cooler Management System.

Hardware Integration

At RedLine Solutions, we believe that the best-in-class hardware and software products we provide are the building blocks for your success. Moving those blocks into place is the role of our professional services team, a group with unparalleled experience in the architecture, installation, configuration, and support of data collection systems and wireless networks. Whatever your host system is we can help you understand your options for integrating mobile and wireless barcode terminals, printers, and scanners to help you achieve maximum efficiency in your operations.

If you are considering a wireless option for your warehouse, download this whitepaper to find out how to choose the right moblie computer connectivity for your business and look at some non-traditional choices that can save you money while still delivering improved productivity.

Read more about the services we provide and how we can help you implement the solution that is right for you.

Produce Cooler Management

RedLine Cooler™ is a practical warehouse management system specifically designed for the fresh produce industry. It quickly and accurately tracks products from the moment they are received at your cooler or processing facility until they are successfully shipped to your customers. RedLine Cooler uses mobile terminals to increase your operation's throughput, reduce shipping errors and improve your track and trace capabilities. RedLine Cooler's real-time integration with Famous allows users to validate critical actions and to trap potential errors immediately. RedLine provides installation, service, and support from our team of expert technicians to provide you with a complete solution.

RedLine Solutions warehouse and cooler management solutions include LXE vehicle mounted and mobile computers. Click here to see how the Honeywell/LXE Thor CE compares to other vehicle mounted computers.


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