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 A 2015 GHS Compliance Checklist, Just for You

We're more than halfway through OSHA and the Globally Harmonized System (GHS)'s new GHS Compliance deadlines, which were first laid out in 2012. The revised version of the Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), known informally as HazCom 2012, is of the utmost importance to manufacturers and distributors, and it's imperative that you ensure your company is following all of the rules.

Since 1994, chemical manufacturers, employers and distributors that use hazardous chemicals have been operating under an HCS that hasn't changed much until recently. And in that time, many have seen their hazard communication program grow lax and outdated. With the new rules in place, you simply can't take any chances that your company falls into the former category.

The GHS has stated that all companies must reach GHS compliance by June 1, 2016. That gives you a little more than a year to make sure you're meeting the requirements, so don't waste another minute. This year, June 1, 2015 to be precise, marks the deadline for manufacturers and distributors to reclassify chemicals and send labels and SDSs in GHS format.

The second big milestone for 2015 occurs December 1st. At this time, distributors should send only updated labels and SDSs.

As each deadline approaches, make sure you're taking the following steps:

  • Train employees on new hazards
  • Stay current on GHS moving forward
  • Compare old safety data sheets to new ones (and create new ones, as applicable)
  • Update your written HazCom program
  • Note any new hazards on SDSs that require additional employee training
  • Meet all reporting obligations

The new compliance rules can be complicated, but what's easy is ensuring you have devices that are GHS compliant, as are provided by RedLine Solutions. In addition to these devices, we also offer a number of solutions and mobile devices, such as the rugged MC9200 that can help you meet your compliance goals.

At RedLine Solutions, we are your trusted partner for GHS Compliance solutions.

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