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Introduction to UDI Compliance, Generation 
and Verification



A RedLine Educational webinar recorded on the 5th of May 2016

With the FDA requiring UDI package labeling compliance of Class II devices by Sept 24th2016, you still have time to address any challenges. As part of their educational webinar series RedLine Solutions, in partnership with Zebra and Microscan, has developed a webinar addressing the most important UDI compliance topics.

This webinar will simplify the areas of UDI, GUDID, DI and PI, the who, how and when to comply, as well as label generation and verification (see agenda below). At the end of the event attendees can request for a free follow up 30 minute discussion on topic of UDI.

Listen into the recorded session now!   



  1. Overview of UDI and associated terms and usage
  2. Benefits of UDI and why is it so important?
  3. Who is required to comply?
  4. Our recommended preparation for UDI compliance?
  5. How to become compliant?
  6. What kind of packaging needs to have UDI label?
  7. Zebra solutions for UDI
  8. Microscan verification for machine readable codes
  9. Dates of compliance and class types
  10. Summary
  11. Q&A

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