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ZT600 Series Label Printer

The ZT610 Industrial Label Printer

To keep your critical operations running smoothly, you need high-performance industrial printing systems that can stand the test of time, both physically and technologically. Zebra’s ZT610 and ZT620 advance the legacy of their industry leading Xi Series predecessors, offering next-generation operational visibility, control and adaptability to meet your evolving needs—all with the rugged durability and 24/7 reliability you expect from Zebra.


With the ZT610 and ZT620, you can expect best-in-class high-resolution printing for small labels. You get an advanced, user-friendly design and Link-OS® environment that simplify everything from setup to management to troubleshooting. And you’ll gain greater operational visibility with remote access and management, plus future-ready adaptability to meet your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come. The ZT610 is now offered with a built-in verifier from Microscan.

The ZT610 replaces the Zebra 110Xi4 and the ZT620 replaces the Zebra 170Xi4.

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NEW LVS-7510 Verifier from Microscan for the ZT610 Printer

The LVS-7510 is now available for integration with Zebra's ZT600 series of printers, providing 100% print quality inspection and barcode verification.The LVS-7510 inspection system is used for product label verification in medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer goods packaging and specialty chemical manufacturing.


Ensure Accuracy and Data Integrity on Each Label at print speeds of up to 254mm (10") per second with the LVS-7510:

  • Identify Defects
  • Eliminate Fines and Disputes
  • Reduce Rework
  • Control Waste
  • Avoid Liability
  • Provides operator notification of print quality degradation, enabling proactive maintenance.
  • Can be used with off-line verifiers to create a seamless label design and production quality system.





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