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Wearable Devices

RedLine partners with the top brands in wearable technology to provide you with the most reliable wearable devices.

WT6000 Wearable Computer

Zebra WT6000 Wearable Computer

The new standard for enterprise-class wearability

Achieve operational efficiency, maximum comfort. maximum durability and increased workforce productivity with the WT6000 — putting the wearable in industrial wearable computing. View Spec Sheet


Zebra RS6000 Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Fast, accurate scanning

The industry’s most advanced and most rugged Bluetooth ring scanner, the RS6000 outshines its competition with the ability to scan faster and nearly four times farther, and offers up to five times the battery power. View Spec Sheet

RS4000 Corded Ring Scanner

Zebra RS4000 Corded Ring Scanner

Powerful hands-free 1D scanning

A small, light weight and powerful hands-free 1D wearable ring scanner that maximizes worker productivity and accuracy in your operations. View Spec Sheet

HS3100/HS2100 Rugged Headset Series

Zebra HS3100/HS2100 Rugged Headset Series

Headsets for the most demanding industrial environments

The HS3100 Bluetooth and HS2100 corded headsets are loaded with features you need to enable speech-directed applications in an industrial headset. View Spec Sheet

RCH51 Cabled Headset

Zebra RCH51 Cabled Headset

Lightweight yet rugged

Premiere rugged headset provides superior noise-canceling technology for dependable use in nearly any environment.

 RS419 Ring Scanner

Zebra RS419 Ring Scanner

Hands-free scanning at your fingertips

A small, light weight wearable ring scanner that maximizes worker productivity accuracy and task in the most demanding environments.


Zebra RS507 Cordless Ring Scanner

The most rugged ring scanner available

This rugged scanner boasts advanced ergonomics and Bluetooth cordless capability, allowing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. View Spec Sheet

WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series

Zebra WT41N0 Wearable Terminal Series

Hands-free voice and data for rugged environments

Achieve maximum error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy through voice compatibility for streamlined warehouse and package handling functions.

Honeywell 8620 Wearable Ring Scanner

Honeywell 8620 Wearable Ring Scanner

Industry-leading Honeywell Adaptus scanning technology now available in a corded ring scanner

The 8620 High Performance Ring Scanner provides the capability to read virtually any 1D or 2D barcode in a rugged and ergonomic scanner that mounts on the index finger and interfaces directly with the wrist-mounted Honeywell Wearable Solution. View Spec Sheet

Wearable Solution For Honeywell Dolphin D75e Mobile Computer

Wearable Solution For Honeywell Dolphin D75e Mobile Computer

A new approach to hands-free computing – get the benefits of hands free without the issues of a dedicated-purpose device.

Using the rugged, enterprise-class Dolphin™ 75e mobile computer with purpose-built wearable accessories provides a new approach to enabling hands-free operations. The large display and flexible touchscreen keypads allow much more user-friendly applications to be deployed, improving productivity. View Spec Sheet

8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner

The 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner combines excellent scanning performance and a rugged two-piece design to improve productivity.

The Honeywell 8670 Wireless Ring Scanner with Bluetooth® technology brings the exceptional 1D and 2D scan performance of the Xenon and Granit™ scanners to a wearable form factor. Plus, we optimized its ergonomic, rugged design for harsh use in tough environments. View Spec Sheet

8650 Bluetooth Ring Wearable Scanner

Honeywell 8650 Bluetooth Ring Wearable Scanner

Low-profile, hands-free scanning combined with Bluetooth connectivity and flexible design

The Honeywell 8650 ring scanner is an easy-to-wear and use productivity tool. It combines Bluetooth® wireless connectivity with hands-free usability and a range of scanning options. Choose from a standard range laser ring to read 1D barcodes or a 2D imager model that reads both 1D and 2D barcodes, and features enhanced white LED illumination. View Spec Sheet



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