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Asset Management Systems and Asset Tracking Solutions

RedLine Solutions' mobile asset management systems and asset tracking solutions are efficient and effective tools to manage your organization's valuable assets—from IT assets to capital equipment, furniture, vehicles, and more.

Our barcode and RFID-enabled systems track the status and location of your assets. Our systems can also track critical information such as serial numbers, original cost, acquisition date, and the current depreciated value.

We offer several easy-to-use, PC-based, asset-management solutions that include best-in-class wireless networking, barcode or RFID scanners and printers, and related software.

We can also work with your IT department to mobilize and optimize your investment in existing asset management systems.

Common applications include:

  • IT asset tracking in the data center and across the enterprise
  • Yard management
  • Inspection and calibration tracking
  • Capital asset tracking
  • File tracking solutions

Learn more about our complete barcode, RFID, Machine Vision, and asset tracking software solutions:


RedBeam Asset Tracking


E-ISG Asset Management

E-ISG Asset Management


Intellitrack Asset Management

IntelliTrack Asset Management

RedLine also offers RedBeam Inventory Tracking and IntelliTrack Inventory Management.

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