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GHS, What You Need to Know Now?


What Is GHS? 

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. GHS is a system that defines and classifies the hazards of chemical products, and communicates health and safety information on labels and material Safety Data Sheets (SDS).


What Are The Elements Of A GHS Label?

Product Identifiers: Unique identifiers such as chemical name and product name

Label Colors:
B324 black resin and C5440 red resin thermal transfer ribbons

Use of GHS hazard pictograms conveying health, physical and environmental hazard information

Signal Words:
"Danger" or "Warning" used to emphasize hazards and indicate the relative level of severity of the hazard

Hazard Statements:
Standard phrases assigned to a hazard class and category that describe the nature of the hazard

Precautionary Statements:
Standardized text of instructions to minimize risks in product handling

Supplier Identification:
Name, address and phone number of the chemical manufacturer, importer or other responsible party

Standardized Label Format:
The GHS includes directions for application of the hazard communication elements on the label

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