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The ABAP Solution For SAP Enterprise Mobility

Make the most of your SAP investment. Combine today’s powerful SAP capabilities with a “beyond mobile” UX strategy that’ll make users happy and drive your business forward. RedLine Solutions partners with Neptune Software to enable SAP users that what a fast, user-focused mobile solutions, developed cost-effectively within ABAP® for SAP Fiori® UX strategy. 

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Neptune Software brings powerful SAP ABAP and Fiori UX capabilities to life today, so enterprises can deliver the fast and secure applications that users need, when they need them, to keep business moving forward. Designed to take advantage of SAP’s powerful integration and customization capabilities, Neptune Software helps enterprise organizations make the most of their SAP investment.

Not only does Neptune Software align with SAP’s design-thinking approach, its Neptune User Experience Platform is the only solution for SAP Fiori UX to directly leverage SAP’s own ABAP source code. This helps companies maximize the use of their existing SAP setup and minimize the need for integration, enabling them to deliver SAP Fiori applications quickly, securely and cost-effectively across web and mobile.

Neptune User Experience Platform is designed to help developers tackle the entire application lifecycle—across design, build, manage and run. Plus, it runs on any SAP NetWeaver™ 7.x platform and/or HANA® and is SAP-certified.

Webinar with RedLine, Zebra Technologies and Neptune Software discussing SAP mobility at 63% lower TCO 

recorded Dec 2016

Most importantly, Neptune Software helps enterprises build a strong foundation for business anywhere, anytime to make users happy.

We bring powerful SAP ABAP® and Fiori® UX capabilities to life today so you can:

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