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Latitude Baseline Capabilities


Latitude Receiving combines all of your necessary receiving steps into a quick and easy scanning operation that can be performed anywhere in the warehouse.


  • Imports purchase orders from host system and updates host with PO receipt data
  • Can receive multiple purchase orders simultaneously
  • Multiple people can receive purchase orders simultaneously to avoid bottlenecks
  • Uses supplier barcodes on received material (no need to re-label) and learns new barcodes as items are received
  • Provides barcode labeling of non-barcoded material
  • Validates expected receipts automatically through scanning
  • Warns receiving personnel if item is not on purchase order; automatic emails to purchasing reports receiving discrepancies
  • Tracks lot numbers and date codes; manages shelf life and expiration dates
  • Provides notification of back-ordered items for cross docking
  • Allows receiver to "un-receive" a line item quantity to correct receiving errors
  • Reports receiving errors—useful for vendor negotiations
  • Accommodates fractional quantities of received items
  • Records in-bound freight charges and bill of lading numbers
  • Can receive against an ASN (Advanced Ship Notice)


Latitude Returns maintains accurate physical control of both customer and vendor returns for better, faster service, and support.


  • Operates on Return Orders downloaded from the host
  • Returns process allows user to select which item to process next
  • Validates that the correct item is received, including serial number


Latitude Putaway ensures that inventory is stocked in the correct bin location for precise real-time inventory control. Stocker movement is efficiently directed throughout the warehouse to increase efficiency and lower labor costs.


  • Allows items to be stored in multiple bin types/locations
  • Offers a variety of putaway strategies: "Directed Putaway" (most efficient route), "Random Putaway" (location can contain any item), "System Managed Random Putaway" (location assignments based on item velocity), and "Operator Directed Putaway" (maximum flexibility)
  • Ensures correct item locations with "Scan/Confirm" prompts
  • Allows for lot number identification and tracking
  • Allows putaway to a sequence of front counter, primary, and other bins


Latitude's systematic approach to picking increases productivity and dramatically reduces errors. One Latitude customer has reported a reduction from 60 errors per month to less than four. Depending on the size, variety, and placement of inventory, warehouse managers can reduce their picking staff by 15% to over 60%.


  • Automates picking of customer orders, transfers, production orders, and vendor returns
  • Prompts user for picking, staging, and consolidation pick and holds
  • Imports sales/work orders/transfers from host computer
  • Manages picking priorities including "will call" and directs operator for efficient proximity picking
  • Ensures pick accuracy of each item with "Scan/Confirm" prompt; captures serial numbers
  • Directs multiple users to pick orders simultaneously
  • Allows picking of other than the requested quantity
  • Offers paperless or paper-initiated picking
  • Supports picking by route, zone, batch order, batch-within-zone, FIFO or lot; supports raw material picking for kits or assemblies

Cycle Counting

Well managed distributors using Latitude Cycle Counting using Latitude Cycle Counting maintain inventory accuracy exceeding 99%. Latitude Cycle Counting is easier than the corresponding paper-driven process provided in the host system because it operates in real-time and is bin location specific. Cycle count results are automatically recorded in Latitude for review and then posted to the host system.


  • Allows multiple part numbers in any location
  • Verifies items and quantities are correct/not correct
  • Integrates with picking when bin quantity falls below threshold
  • Provides real-time inventory updates (perpetual inventory accuracy)
  • Manages cycle counting jobs by fast moving items, bins, specific vendors, etc.
  • Provides inventory exception reports and host update
  • Satisfied accounting requirements
  • Inputs data into graphs and reports for a historical view of cycle count jobs


Stay up-to-date on key metrics and the performance of your operations with Latitude's more than 500 template and custom reports using Crystal Reports.


  • Measures receiving discrepancies among vendors
  • Provides system activity reports/charts
  • Date stamps and reports employee performance across transaction types and zones
  • Includes detailed audit trails for all items

Warehouse Performance Metrics

With Latitude Warehouse Metrics, you'll have on-demand access to warehouse performance. Easily create reports and charts to track employee and warehouse productivity—bringing you visibility to activities (picking, receiving, cycle counting, etc.), by branch, employee, error type, etc.


  • Easily establish parameters and filters
  • Chart any activity over a set period of time
  • Make branch to branch comparisons
  • Chart employee to employee performance

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