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Latitude Advanced Features


Latitude can be associated with any type of material handling automation. The two most common types implemented by mid-sized distributors are carousels and conveyors.

Latitude directly drives carousels (White, Remstar, and Diamond Phoenix) and light trees for picking and putaway. Benefits include high productivity and sense storage of smaller items.

Latitude integrates with conveyor sortation systems to precisely pin point the location of inventory and move it automatically to the correct station.

Consignment Inventory

Latitude automates the management of consigned inventory using a real-time hand held computer. For each customer item, Latitude will maintain a minimum and maximum inventory level, and replenish volumes accordingly. Distributors find this is a valuable tool to provide an important value-added service to their customers.

Customer Specific Item Labels

Latitude's detailed label capabilities are tailored to satisfy the unique requirements of your customers. A variety of templates are ready-to-use, or labels can be customized to your particular needs.


  • Barcode, text, and graphics
  • Item, carton, and/or pallet labeling
  • Print before, during, or after picking

Cycle Count Planning

The traditional physical inventory approach in which operations are halted and all inventory is counted, audited, and recounted can be highly disruptive to your warehouse operations—not only the process itself, but also the resulting aftermath of a distribution center that has gone uncounted for a year.

PathGuide's Latitude WMS Cycle Count Planning module gives you greater inventory accuracy and auditing compliance with a process that is less disruptive to operations. With Cycle Count Planning, schedules are easily developed to systematically verify that all item quantities are accounted for. By selecting subsets of inventory and county them on a frequent basis, operations continue as usual and misplaced items are quickly identified.


  • Allows multiple part numbers in any location
  • Verifies items and quantities correct/not correct
  • Provides optional real-time inventory updates (perpetual inventory accuracy)
  • Manages cycle counting jobs by fast moving items, bins, specific vendors, etc.
  • Provides inventory exception reports and host update
  • Can satisfy accounting/auditing requirements for inventory control
  • Provides graphs, statistics, and reports based on % accuracy of historical cycle count jobs

Incident Tracking

PathGuide's Incident Tracking module allows you to easily manage and maintain lists of warehouse issues – enabling users to create and track incidents such as receiving discrepancies, incorrect shipments, cycle count irregularities, inventory errors, and customer and vendor problems.


  • Notes can be added and documents and images can easily be attached to each issue
  • Ongoing email alerts
  • Access to a full audit history of actions taken

Integrated Front Counter

When a customer is at the front counter with items in hand, or when he/she needs to order an item to be picked up from a warehouse, Latitude provides a means of quick and easy inventory control.


  • Item scanning at the point of sale
  • Control show room inventory by bin location
  • Build customer orders by scanning with a portable terminal
  • Create priority orders for immediate picking by warehouse staff

Lot Control and Inspection

Sensitive items can be traced by Lot numbers to ensure legal or customer requirements are met.


  • Assure freshness and shelf life
  • Track country of origin
  • Match color and texture
  • Facilitate finding recalled lot numbered items
  • Easy to track cut reels of wire, hose, or tubing
  • System managed inspection by vendor, item, and interval


Latitude Manifesting allows us to better service your shipping needs—without the requirement of a third-party rating service.

Latitude Manifesting allows you to streamline your entire shipping process to move more packages per day with greater accuracy, all at a lower price.


  • Weighs, rates, and routes packages, and automates the printing of all carrier-required shipping labels and documentation
  • Compiles with multiple carriers, including UPS, LTL, FedEx, and others on request
  • Calculates fuel service charges, shops parcel insurance alternatives, and includes a configurable handling charge feature
  • Notifies customers automatically via email when orders ship and responds to customer inquiries
  • Supports an unlimited number of users and locations with desktop shipping via the Internet
  • Provides all domestic and international documentation such as bills of lading, commercial invoices, shipper's export declarations, NAFTA certificates of origin, HAZMAT processing etc.
  • Pre-manifesting option for maximum productivity


Replenishment is the process of restocking the picking bins from overstock. With Latitude, minimum and maximum quantities are established per Bin/Location, and when inventory falls below these levels the operator is directed to replenish stock.


  • Generates a Replenish List based on current order demand and minimum inventory count
  • Directs replenishment of Primary, Secondary, and Front Counter bin locations
  • Relocates inventory accurately with "Scan/Confirm" prompts
  • Includes optional "First-In-First-Out" (FIFO) control

Slotting Optimization

The Latitude Slotting identifies the most efficient location for inventory within the warehouse based on a number of product and storage characteristics, as well as product demand. With Slotting, your warehouse workers will spend less time traveling the floor and more time picking.


  • System suggests warehouse re-slotting to improve productivity
  • Optimize product placement; improve worker safety
  • System suggests pulling dead stock based on user criteria
  • Directs stock movement in the warehouse with scanning—assures accuracy


Latitude Shipping includes a broad portfolio of capabilities which are configured to fit each client's specific business practices.


  • Ensures shipping accuracy with scanning during picking and with optional validation
  • Provides manifesting capability for common carriers
  • Manages stops within routs and ensures correct staging
  • Prints shipping labels and packing lists including truck route and stop and bills of lading
  • Reports shipments to a host computer for inventory updates

Tool Crib Management

This Latitude feature automates the management of a tool crib located on a customer's premises. Essentially, the tool crib functions like Latitude installed in a very small branch location.


  • Receiving (single PO or transfer)
  • User directed cycle counting
  • Single zone directed picking
  • Item and bin labeling
  • Inventory utilities including induct & deduct
  • Inventory finds and queries
  • Order build by scanning items

Other System Highlights

  • Personalize RF terminal menus to streamline productivity for frequent tasks and routines
  • Multiple branch support
  • Web support
  • Report generation
  • File export
  • Archive and backup
  • Versatile label printing
  • Easy moves of inventory supported by scanning
  • Query item quantities by bin location
  • Secondary processing—fasteners
  • Support for assembly, production and kitting

Latitude Baseline Capabilities
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