Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Mobile for Navision

RedLine Solutions has partnered with Beck Consulting to bring you Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV (formerly Navision) Mobile Warehouse Management Systems. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides mobility to workers in the warehouse and on the shop floor, enabling them to execute NAV inventory and inventory-related transactions in real time, unlocking the full potential of Microsoft Dynamics NAV's powerful real-time inventory functionality.

BCmobile enables a new level of automation of warehouse and shop floor processes by replacing paper-based manual systems with mobile devices. Manual reconciliation of receipts against such documents as purchase orders, pick tickets, and travelers are replaced by easy-to-use mobile devices designed for the warehouse and shop floor.

Additionally, BCmobile offers full support for manufacturing and production, which extends these benefits to the shop floor.

Microsoft Dynamics Nav

Resource Utilization

With BCmobile, asset utilization is maximized through more efficient use of warehouse equipment. Forklift and pallet jack operators minimize travel time, while increasing the number of tasks that can be performed in a day by each resource.

Inventory Management

BCmobile real-time inventory visibility enables:

Solution Overview

BCmobile is fully integrated with the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV warehouse, inventory, and manufacturing functionality. The following functions are currently available:

BCmobile is built on the .NET Compact Framework with a fully graphical user interface and exposes the full capability of today's mobile devices.

Integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV is accomplished by consuming Web services that are easy to customize. There is no need for any third-party transaction staging servers since the integration with NAV is real-time utilizing the latest Microsoft technologies for mobility.

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