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The products that RedLine Solutions sells may be updated, and as time goes by they get replaced and eventually are no longer supported by the manufacturer. This page lists major updates, end of life and end of service dates for these products. Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list and though we try to make sure this information is accurate and up to date, manufacturers have been known to change dates or extend support. Also since our product range is so large not all products may be included here.

Please feel free to call our support team on 408-562-1700 to clarify any points and check for updates specific to your products.


List of articles in category Product Notices
Title Created Date
Are your Wireless Access Points protected from KRACK threats? 21 December 2017
Zebra TC8000 Android version update PMB2989 18 July 2017
Zebra MC9200 EOS of scan engine PMB2919 27 July 2017
Zebra MC9090 end of service life PMB2018 25 June 2017

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